21 April 2017

The Company

SA.MI.RO S.p.a


 It was founded in June 1995 by pursuing the aim of stable investment in companies also operating in diversified sectors.

From the first years of its activity, through the acquisition of a participation in a Luxembourg company, FIN.E.A. Financière S.A, Sa.MI.RO acquires control of Ravaglioli S.P.A. active in the automotive equipment industry and headquartered in Pontevecchio Marconi (BO).
In 1994 it is founded Officine meccaniche SIRIO.
Initially based in Bentivoglio (BO) and later, in 1998, moved to San Giovanni di Ostellato (FE). The purpose of this company is to specialize in the working of sheet metal, in mechanical machining in general and mounting procedures. The initial participation of SA.MI.RO is equal to 20% of the share capital.
– In 1997 the company established SPACE, based in Trana (TO), of which SA.MI.RO as the SIRIO company initially owns 20% of share capital.

– In 2003 was founded SA.MI.RO Costruzioni that develops its activities in real estate.

– In 2005 Ravaglioli, controlled by SA.MI.RO, acquires 100% of the share capital of Officine meccaniche SIRIO and SPACE to join the GROUP RAVAGLIOLI, which in January 2006 acquired 100% of the company BUTLER s.p.a. leader in the field of the high performance tyre changers.
– In 2007, through the acquisition of the company ESPERIA from Genova, enters qualifying holding in AMGC s.p.a. company, active in the field of railway and subway projects.

In 2007 it was founded SA.RO also active in the management and real estate, with a focus on offers derived from bankruptcy.

The history of SA.MI.RO group, between the end of the nineties until the end of 2016 is mainly linked to RAVAGLIOLI GROUP that becomes one of the world’s leading company in the automotive equipment industry.

– The RAVAGLIOLI group went from a turnover of around 20 million Euros, upon the entry of SA.MI.RO to 150 million euro in 2016 and is considered, in the world, the company that can boast the highest margins to its field of activities.
All this is achieved thanks to the continuing propensity of GROUP SA.MI.RO to continuous investments in the market and in production facilities and organization. Through RAVAGLIOLI and the companies of RAVAGLIOLI GROUP, in fact, the SA.MI.RO GROUP expands abroad by creating branches in key markets.

  • Rav France Sarl founded in 1993
  • Ravaglioli Deutshland GmbH founded in 1994
  • Rav Equipment USA Inc. in 1996
  • Rav Equipment UK Ltd founded in 1999
  • Rav Equipos Espana founded in 2000

In this way, the RAVAGLIOLI GROUP that in 1990 recorded a 40% of export, and in 2016 reaches 87% with permanent establishments in 140 countries worldwide.

– In the production area it had implemented the factory Ravaglioli in Pontevecchio Marconi (BO), which at the end of 2016 is spread over more than 34.000 square meters covered.
It invests significantly in the new factory of Officine Meccaniche Sirio, bringing it to about 20,000 square meters covered.
It builds a new factory  for SPACE of about 4,000 covered square meters, and in 2012 it achieved a modern factory for BUTLER of about 12,000 square meters covered.
– Besides the real estate, we must particularly consider investment in machinery and equipment manufacturing,
whose value consists of several tens of millions of Euros, bringing in this way RAVAGLIOLI GROUP, to be the most modern company in the world in its sector.
– In 2016 the SA.MI.RO GROUP decides to disinvest its industrial activities, are then sold both AMGC and RAVAGLIOLI GROUP while keeping unchanged its structure in real estate.

 The next steps of SA.MI.RO GROUP will be marked by increasing real estate development itself and to acquire holdings in industrial companies.